We breathe life into our claim “Pioneering for You” every day. We are constantly on the lookout for new innovative details and solutions that could make our products and services even more efficient. We don’t just consider the past or the present here, our main focus is on the future. We set ourselves extremely high goals, work together with energy experts to develop new guidelines and, acting as a pioneer for our industry, significantly contribute to making the future even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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TWI Submersible water Pump
– Fully submersible
– Multistage
– Self-venting submersible pump with standard suction strainer for installation above the floor of the tank/rainwater storage tank.
– For pumping pure water from tanks, rainwater storage tanks or fountains.
– All parts in contact with fluid are corrosion-free.
Star Z bronze
Domestic hot water circulation pump
– Constant-speed glandless pump for pipe installation
– Blocking current-proof motor Pump
– Housing made of bronze
– Impeller made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic
– Ceramic shaft with resin-impregnated carbon friction bearings
PB Booster silent pump
– Non self-priming
– Automatic centrifugal pump for the pressure boosting of water from water tanks inside residential buildings.
– Automatic activation and deactivation takes place (thanks to a built-in flow switch).
– The flow switch protects the PB series against dry run.
Reliable submersible pump with Overflow protection.
– Very compact
– Low-noise
– Automatic wastewater lifting unit in accordance with EN 12050-2, for installation under a shower or in floor units, with all required switching and control equipment.
– Up to two connection options for drainage of wash basin, shower or bidet.

Fluid control
Electronically controlled pressure and flow controller.
– Simple installation
– Especially compact design makes it suitable for many types of installation locations
– High operational reliability due to electronic fault signal
– Protection of the connected pumps due to built-in protection against low water levels
– No additional diaphragm pressure vessel required
– Perfect corrosion protection, due to rust-free materials

Wilo – Yonos MAXO
Smart glandless circulator, EC motor with integrated electronic power adjustment.

Special features/product advantages:
– LED display provides complete transparency of set delivery head, speed stage or possible errors
– Simple adjustment over three speed stages when replacing an uncontrolled standard pump
– Easier electrical connection using the Wilo plug
– System availability ensured via collective fault signal
– Compact design and proven ease of use

Product Advantage: Easy
– Quick wiring connection with Wilo-Connector (WS8 Connector)
– Switch: On/Off
– Filling in and out caps usable without a tool
– Enlarged feet for ground fixation
– Product Advantage: Efficient
– High-efficiency hydraulics
– Low power consumption
– Very compact pump
– Low noise pump

Wilo – Drain TM
Retails Drainage Sets
Special features/product advantages
– Minimum residual water level of 2 mm (only TMR version)
– Ergonomic handle, low weight, user-friendly due to ready-to-plug version (Plug & Pump)
– Operational reliability due to integrated sheath current cooling, mechanical seal with sealing chamber and stainless steel-encapsulated motor
– Cable length 4 to 10 m, depending on type
– Fluid temperature: max. 90 °C