Special Products

SGS has successfully designed and executed numerous solar projects throughout Lebanon. These projects have made a significant impact by addressing energy and electricity challenges faced by countless households. Through our dedication and expertise, we have been able to contribute to the resolution of energy problems and provide cleaner, more reliable power to communities across the country. MOE / MOI solar permits and EDL’s net metering are among our scope of work.


SGS is the exclusive agent for the French-based global company Smart & Green, a leading developer and manufacturer of cordless LED light bulb technology that can be used both indoor and outdoor, controlled via Bluetooth. You can now personalize your lighting to suit your needs. Smart & Green technology is designed with intelligence, practicality, and simplicity, and utmost convenience.


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SGS places Wulian, the leader in the smart home industry worldwide, within your immediate reach. Wulian is renowned for advanced R&D and comprehensive product categories. Its IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions include energy-efficient lighting, security, home appliances management, environmental detection, and much more. This enables the smooth transformation of your home into a smart and secure space without undergoing disturbing procedures such as drilling or breaking any walls, adding panel boards, extending cables, or installing wires.


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