System Air

System Air

Systemair is a leading ventilation company with operations in 50 countries. Manufacturing and marketing high-quality ventilation products, Systemair’s  product range spans a broad range of energy-efficient fans, air handling units, products for air distribution, air conditioning, air curtains and heating products that are robust and simple to choose, install and use.

Operating from the core values of simplicity and reliability, Systemair’s business concept is to develop, manufacture and market high-quality ventilation products.

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Wall-mounted fan coil SYSWALL
Technical features
• 4 sizes with cooling capacity from 1,96 to 4,0 kW
• Modern and elegant design can fit any residential and small commercial space
• Models available for infrared remote controller or wired controlller
• Tangential fan, the best solution in matter of low noise level and wall mounted installations
• With the integrated frontal display the user can monitor the room temperature, fan speed and operating mode
• The airflow deflector opens and closes automatically when the unit is turned on or switched off
• The supply airflow can be manually adjusted to the left or to the right
• The vertical high/low adjustment of the airflow is made by a particular function of the infrared remote control
• The infrared remote controller is equipped with 24h on/off timer
• The unit can be provided with 3way valve internally mounted for precise temperature control and improved energy saving.
Centrifugal fan coils SYSCOIL
Technical features
• Cabinet of modern design that fits any internal decor, made in hot-dip galvanized steel sheet pre-coated with PVC to ensure high resistance to rust, corrosion, chemical agents, aliphatic solvents and alcohols

• Internal structure in galvanized steel (sheet 8/10 mm thick), insulated in all parts in direct contact with the air
• Double inlet centrifugal fans with statically and dynamically balanced aluminium impellers
• Single phase asynchronus electric motor with overload cutout, 6 speeds available, 3 connected
• Motor directly coupled to the fans and cushioned with flexible mountings to ensure low noise
• CU-AI heat exchanger with easy accessible air vent and brass header
• Adjustable air grille made in ABS

Water Cassette SYSCASSETTE
Technical features
• 8 sizes with cooling capacities from 2,4 to 8,6 kW
• Available in 2 and 4 pipe versions, with or without infrared remote controller
• Main structure made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, complete with external brackets on the 4 corners, for easy fixing to the ceiling
• Internal thermal-acoustic insulation is polystyrene, the external one is with closed cells
• Easy and quick fixing of the unit to the ceiling
• 3 speeds + 1 boots-speed to reach quickly the required room temperature
• Condensate pump integrated and adjustable moving louvers
• Simple and elegant air intake grille
• Set-up for distribution of air to adjacent rooms and for fresh air intake through know-out holes.
Centrifugal fan coils with thin profile SYSCOIL SLIM
Technical features
• Simple, attractive design with thin profile
• 30 basic models with different sizes and versions
• Floor-standing, suspended, built-in, ceiling-mounted, concealed installation. With bottom or front air intake and top or front air outlet
• For 2 or 4-pipe systems, with 2 or 3-row heat exchangers
• Cased units with airflow direction louvers, with bottom air intake (EB models) or front air intake (EF models)
• Concealed units with bottom air intake (CB models) or horizontal air supply (CH models).
Centrifugal fan coils with lower profile SYSCOIL MINI
Technical features
• Lower design: only 350 mm of height for the cabinet
• 5 sizes with cooling capacities from 0,8 kW to 4,5 kW
• 3 installation type: exposed with front air intake (EB models), concealed with front air intake (CF models) and concealed with rear air intake (CR models)
• For 2-pipe installation only
Ductable fan coil with medium ESP SYSDUCT
Technical features
• Cooling capacities from 2,3 to 8,2 kW, available in 2 and 4 pipe versions
• Available static pressure up to 80 Pa
• Chassis in galvanized insulated sheet metal
• Condensate-drain pan in galvanized, insulated sheet metal with fittings for condensate drainage
• Knock-outs on side panels for easy factory or site fitting of accessories. Slots on rear of pane to facilitate wall-mounting
• Heat exchangers of Aluminium fins mechanically expanded onto copper tubes in a continuous block
• Electric fans single-phase asynchrounous motor with 6 speed settings (3 connected in the factory) with overload cut-out
• Anti-vibration mountings for low-noise operation
• Three-dimensional double-inlet centrifugal fans with aluminium impellers, statically and dynamically balanced
• Suitable for vertical and horizontal installation
Ductable fan coil with high ESP SYSDUCT HP
Technical features
• 7 different sizes with cooling capacity from 3,2 to 50,6 kW for horizontal installation
• Available static pressure up to 260 Pa
• Frame made of heavy gauge galvanized steel and the coils are in copper pipe expanded into aluminum fins. The copper headers have male fittings (GAS threads) and the air vents are easily accessible
• Blower section composed by one or two centrifugal fans with statically and dynamically balanced horizontally-oriented aluminum impellers
• Electric motor with three speeds directly coupled to the fans and cushioned with flexible mountings to ensure low noise
• For horizontal installation only

Chilled Beam CIRRUS
Technical features
• Cirrus chilled beam for flush mounting in false ceilings
• Cirrus integrates ventilation, cooling, and heating
• Casing made of galvanised steel sheet
• Frontplate is powder painted in white
• Coil made of copper tubes and aluminum fins
• Wide range of supply air for the best room comfort
• Adapted for standard 600×600 mm false ceilings module
• Available with spigots on the front side or spigots on the top entry
• Available with following functions: heating, comfort, control, NCS (Nozze Control System), RCS (Room Comfort Support)
• For 2-pipe and 4-pipe configuration
• Available in length of 120, 180, 240 and 300 cm

Chilled Beam STRATUS
Technical features
• Cassette chilled beam for integrating in suspended ceiling
• Stratus untegrates ventilation, cooling and heating
• Casing made of galvanised steel sheet
• Frontplate is powred painted in white
• Coil made of copper tubes and aluminium fins
• With RCS (Room Comfort Support) Stratus provides good indoor condition by directing the air thus reducing air velocities in the occupied zone
• With nozzle technology NCS (Nozzle Control System) assures the highest induction rate and flexible air pattern
• Suited for standard 600 mm ceiling module
• For 2-pipe and 4-pipe configuration
• Available in two sizes, 600×600 mm and 1.200×600 mm